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Vita Lite Wellness is an online Weight Loss and Wellness Centre. We are specialists in motivating, inspiring and empowering you to achieve your desired weight loss and wellness goals.

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Paula Scarmozzino, Naturopath and owner of Vita Lite Wellness (formerly NNH), has been practicing since 2003. She is qualified and highly trained in assisting you correct health issues which affect your weight, including nutritional deficiencies, hormonal problems, mental and emotional stress, inflammation and digestive issues.


She will choose the best weight loss program for you and further customize to suit your individual needs. Paula will provide ongoing support along your health journey and encourage, motivate and inspire you along the way.


“My belief and observation is that the body wants to heal itself. My approach is therefore to find out what the body needs to help it heal, and to identify any stressors that are preventing the body from healing. Once we correct these issues, good health is a natural consequence.” 


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